Monday, May 23, 2011

Brave New Girl

Every day it's increasingly apparent that Maggie is becoming more of a child and less of a baby. On Saturday at the church carnival there was a standard bounce house (which as usual she thought was pretty rad) and some sort of crazy bounce obstacle course with an inflatable climbing wall/ladder and slide at the end. The thought never occurred to me to let Maggie play on such a big kid structure. Chad, on the other hand, was all about letting Maggie explore it. So I let them do their thing and I avoided the area, not wanting to see my baby fall 15 feet to the ground. Turns out she's no longer the baby girl I thought she was. After I got some guts I wandered over to them and saw our child climb and slide with the big kids. And every time she ended up totally OK. Here's video overkill of the slide. She did make it up the ladder and down the slide quite a few times, but unfortunately the only time Chad taped her heading up the ladder was when she fell. Anyway, watch for her climbing up in the first video, and in the other two videos you'll see her sliding down on the left-hand side.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Church Party

Last weekend my parents' church (and my childhood church) celebrated its 50th anniversary. To honor the milestone the church held a carnival last Saturday with games, bounce houses, food and music. We had fun and Maggie did too.

In related news, this past year my dad has been busy researching the history, conducting member interviews, and writing the facts down in a book to give the church members for the big anniversary. My mom had a big hand in the book too--she designed the layout, typed the manuscript, and performed the final editing before sending it to print. It's a comprehensive, special book and members and leaders of the church are lucky to have such a well-documented published history.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


When Maggie was around 20 months old we began working with her on the letters of the alphabet. I assumed she was a little young but she showed major interest so who was I to deprive her of the alphabet? In this recent video you'll see she is playing with her new foam bath toys. While she didn't get them all perfectly, she did a pretty darn good job for 22 months old. R and W are her hardest letters to say. Oh, and watch your ears for my loud obnoxious shouting at the end. Sorry about that...

Friday, May 13, 2011

Birthday Parties

Spring is here and that means it's time to bring on the birthday parties! Maggie's had a number of friends turning a year older lately and we've been lucky enough to celebrate with them all. Here are some shots of her celebrating with her buddies. (Sorry, but not all of them are represented here. Oh and there are pre- and post-haircut shots mixed in there.)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dino Dig

Last Friday Maggie and I went with our friends to the Chaffee Zoo. It was a warm, crowded day at the park but we had a fun time together. Katrina, our friend, suggested we take our girls to the Dino Dig exhibit to let them dig around and play in the dirt and rocks. I was totally game but figured Maggie, Miss Must-Have-Clean-Hands, would shy away from it. Turns out, she didn't mind getting her hands dirty and enjoyed using the little shovel to move the rocks around. What she didn't want to do, however, was let her feet touch ground. After we took off her shoes (because little rocks were getting inside) she froze and wouldn't take another step without me carrying her. So I picked her up,  moved to an open area and then we all sat together in the dirt. The first thing Maggie did was prop her feet and legs up on mine... and her legs stayed there the entire time. She was, however, fine with putting sand and rocks on her legs and playing that way, as long as her legs weren't resting on the ground. Such a funny girl.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Sesame Street Live

Wednesday I took Maggie to see the traveling live-action Sesame Street show. On our way there I explained to her what we were going to see, but I'm positive she didn't get it. Still too young to understand the concept of the theater or a live TV show, I suppose. She did, however, understand the fact that every child (and/or parent--even dads!) was wearing or holding something with Elmo or another character on it. Grown men in Elmo shirts. For real. Right when we got there the 15-minute warning from the voice of Big Bird told us it was time to find our seats. Maggie shouted Big Bird, Big Bird, Big Bird! and intently looked around at the empty stage and semi-full audience trying to find him. Big Bird!? Maggie has always been an Elmo girl so I have no idea where this Big Bird fascination came from. A new thing I guess. Or maybe, this just dawned on me, Big Bird's familiar voice from the loud speaker helped her realize we were somewhere special and about to see something fun? Anyway, once the show started Maggie lit up as each of the characters, particularly Elmo and Grover and Cookie Monster, arrived on stage.  Anyway, she did really well, smiling wide-eyed and dancing and jumping along with the cast for the first 45 minutes. Then came a quick 15-minute intermission before the last 30 minutes of the show. And that was when she started getting squirmy. Not squirmy enough to leave, but she couldn't decide if she wanted to sit on my lap, sit in her own chair (which I had to hold down because she wasn't strong enough to keep it from closing on her like a taco), or stand up and dance. Back and forth from one to the other for the last 30 minutes. She had a ball and was still talking about Big Bird and Elmo and Ernie on the way back to the car.

Friday, May 6, 2011


On Easter Sunday we gave Maggie her first haircut. Well, I didn't do it, but I was ready to have it done. My aunt Janet came to our house for dinner and, because she gave ME my very first haircut, I figured it would be fitting and appropriate and super cool if she'd give Maggie her first haircut too. Janet was kind enough to agree and brought over her official hair cutting tools. Maggie was SUPER squirmy so we had to entertain her in a variety of ways. Good thing we had a number of people there to help distract her.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Easter 2011

Maggie's second Easter was nice, despite the mostly chilly overcast day. We had family here for dinner and my mom planned a little egg hunt for Mags in our backyard. We hid the eggs in the grass and she found them. And then unloaded her basket and found them again. Maggie's funny.  Anyway, we had a nice day with my Aunt Janet, Uncle Jerry, grandma and parents. Sorry to everyone we invited who couldn't make it!

Monday, May 2, 2011


Last week I celebrated my birthday and a great one it definitely was. My friend, Loren, who lives far away came to help us celebrate and we had such a nice time with her. I received some interesting and generous and thoughtful gifts this year. Lucky me!  Thanks to everyone who remembered and helped me celebrate. I appreciate it so much!