Monday, October 29, 2007

New Yard

As I said earlier, we had a busy weekend. Yesterday we spent the morning going to nurseries and the afternoon planting new plants in the front yard. Our yard was landscaped when we bought it, but the more I looked at it the more boring it got. Last week I drew plans of what I wanted it to look like and picked the plants to go with that plan. We also had a certificate for free pansies so I planted a few more to thicken the rows already planted. We'll see how we like it once everything grows in.

Back row: alternating Indian Hawthorn and Razzleberri plants
Middle row: red New Zealand Flax and green Morea Iris
Front row: purple Verbena
(For some reason my computer will not make this photo smaller. It's really annoying.)

4 Super Awesome Commenters Said:

Loren said...

Wow, it looks fantastic! I am so impressed. Do you guys have mosquitoes there?

Lyndsay said...

Thanks! We don't have mosquitoes here. Do you?

Loren said...

I'm really happy for you guys that you don't have mosquitoes. Our mosquitoes are terrible. I use it as my excuse for why our yard looks so bad. We basically don't go outside all summer long. They finally all went away a couple of weeks ago. Having mosquitoes stinks. But, if I didn't have mosquitoes, what would I use as my excuse for a messy yard?

Lyndsay said...

Ha! If we had mosquitoes I wouldn't be in our yard either. I think there's a mosquito abatement program here in the Valley, but I'm not totally sure.

Oh, and I'm sure your yard doesn't look that bad. You're just sensitive because it's your's!