Monday, January 14, 2008


Chad and I took snowboarding lessons on Friday. It wasn't a completely disastrous experience, but for me it wasn't a success either. After falling more times than I could count I decided to give it a rest. And by rest I mean I sat down on a bench and watched Chad finish his lessons for the rest of the day.

It was a fun day, but snowboarding is super hard. I completely got the head-straight-down-the-mountain-at-a-good-speed part of snowboarding, but throw in stopping, turning or slowing down and I was toast. Every time. And it hurt. I never knew my body could twist and turn in so many unnatural and ungraceful positions. So after a full-force face-plant into the ice I decided I was done.

Chad, on the other hand, rocked it. He went to both the morning lesson and the afternoon lesson and picked the sport up pretty quickly. Don't get me wrong, he fell too, but not nearly as often as I did. By the end of the day he was stopping, turning, doing the "falling leaf" and more.

That's him in the top photo turning so he doesn't hit crowd. If that were me I would've plowed right into them.

But I tried, which is something, right? And hey, at least I looked the part.

3 Super Awesome Commenters Said:

larijean said...

Well, at least you gave it the old college try! Maybe skiing will suit you better. Good for Chad--glad he was successful. Nice pics of each of you. Me, I'll enjoy the snow from inside the cabin~

Loren said...

I'm with you Lari, we can wait for them all inside, by the fire! Way to go Chad. And Lyndsay, you should be proud of yourself for trying so hard. And you do look good in all your gear!

Lyndsay said...

To both of you--Thanks!