Thursday, July 31, 2008

Media Appreciation Dinner

Last night Chad and I went to the 2008 Annual Media Appreciation Night dinner sponsored by the Fresno County Farm Bureau. It was held at the Clovis rodeo grounds. The food and wine were great, as I was expecting it would be. Harris Ranch beef tri-tip was the main dish, along with chicken, sausage, corn, cheese, stuffed mushrooms, dip, veggies, ice cream and lots of other good stuff. Fresno State wine was served at the bar and their Cabernet was really good. (So far I'd recommend all of the Fresno State reds I've had.) Halfway through the event they gave awards to the local media for excellent stories relating to local agriculture. CBS47 was awarded the first runner up prize. Congratulations! (And thanks to Chad for being a good sport and getting on the tractor for my photo.)

After the awards they gave us canvas shopping bags to pick local fruits and veggies from the main display. Here's some of the loot we ended up with:

3 Super Awesome Commenters Said:

Loren said...

Yum!!! Sounds like it was really fantastic and fun. I am jealous that Chad got to sit on a tractor. I've been on a forklift before, but never a tractor!

mom said...

I'll get him a green John Deere cap next time I go by Lawrence Tractor!

Lyndsay said...

He already has one, if you can believe that.