Tuesday, September 16, 2008


This evening Chad and I decided to finally pick a watermelon. We have five more melons in our yard at various stages of growth. Another one (we think) will be ready in the next week or two. After Chad cut the watermelon we weighed it using our bathroom scale.

Today's melon, if you can believe this, weighed 30 pounds! It was huge and heavy.

After we cut and tasted it we realized that there's no way we can eat the whole thing by ourselves. We cut it into quarters and delivered large chunks to three of our neighbors. Hopefully they like watermelon! We had some this evening after dinner and it was great.

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Loren said...


grandma said...

Looks better than the one I just bought. You should/could enter it in the Fair!!!

Lyndsay said...

Thanks Grandma! I would have entered it but we ate it instead.

mom said...

Holy Moly! 30 pounds is a huge watermelon! I'll bet it was delicious!