Monday, January 26, 2009

Sweet and Tender Hooligans

Way back in 2000 or 2001 Chad and I went to see The Smiths cover band at Cane's in San Diego called the Sweet and Tender Hooligans. For some reason we had to leave the place early (I think Chad was working the over night shift at that point) so we only got to hear about 1/3 of the show. I didn't want to leave but knew we had to because Chad needed at least a few hours of sleep. He promised that if they played again and we were around we'd go and stay for the whole show. Of course, while I was living there they never came back, and every time they played in the Los Angeles area I was either busy or out of town. So...about a month ago I saw a flyer online for the band--they were coming to Fresno! I held Chad to his promise and made him take me to the show this past Saturday. We invited our friend Garin and we were all excited to see them perform. The band was awesome--even better than I remembered them from nearly 10 years ago. They played almost all of our favorite Smiths and Morrissey songs and did it with enthusiasm and skill. We stayed until the end and afterwards met some of the band members. They were nothing short of gracious and even seemed happy to meet us. After the show we were all super pumped. I can't wait for them to come back so we can see them again. Up top is a photo of Chad and me with the singer Jose Maldonado, aka the "Mexican Morrissey". (Ignore my freaky eyes--the flash was bright--yikes!) Chad and Garin are the clowns in this photo below.

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mom said...

Wow, sounds like a great evening. I've never even heard of The Smiths! Nice pictures - Grandma said those are great glasses on Chad. He looks good in them.