Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Amgen Tour of California

This afternoon I was lucky enough to watch a portion of the Amgen Tour of California bicycle race. It's a multi-day multi-city race and today's leg of it ended in Clovis. In fact, a portion of it took place about a half a mile from home so my friends and neighbors Jim and Kellie walked over to watch it with me. We waited about an hour for the cyclists to arrive and then once they did...they were gone in about 4 seconds.

Overall it was a fun event and I'm glad we went.

Here is the best photo I got from the race. Not great, but like I said, the best I got. When Kellie and Jim get their photos online I'll link to them here.

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mom said...

Cool - I hope I get to see them tomorrow when they come to Visalia on their way to Paso Robles.