Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Welcome Maggie!

Wednesday evening, just two days after my due date, our little Maggie arrived. After a night of contractions Chad and I went to the hospital Wednesday morning and they admitted me, saying we were ready to go. The doctor broke my water around noon, I got my epidural around 2:30, started pushing close to 6:30 and just before 8:30 Maggie was born. Whew!

She's a beautiful little girl and we're so excited to have her. More photos to follow but right now there is lots to do and not enough time to do it!

4 Super Awesome Commenters Said:

mom said...

She's a real beauty and we love her to death already.

Michelle said...

What a beautiful family! We can't wait to meet her! Congratulations!

Lois said...

So precious (all 3 of you.)
She was worth waiting for.

Love, great grandma

Loren said...

Maggie, you have the best parents in the universe, you are a lucky girl!