Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy (belated) Halloween!

Little Mags was a honey bee this year for Halloween. We didn't want her costume to be too girlie, but we did want it to be sweet and cute, so this outfit seemed to fit the bill. Plus, we know that bees are super important to the world and Maggie is super important to us. A perfect fit. We began the evening at a friend's house, then did a little trick or treating before coming home and giving out the goods to the neighborhood kids. There were lots of candy-grabbers this year and, as most of you who know me know, I loved it!

4 Super Awesome Commenters Said:

Loren said...

That's a great costume. Is that yellow duct tape?

mom said...

She looks soooo cute!

Lyndsay said...

Oh yes. Thank goodness for yellow duct tape. I originally sewed on ribbon but it was too tight and I couldn't get it over Maggie's shoulders. The duct tape saved the day. Whew!

Anonymous said...

She definitely is a "honey bee"!
Looks as if she is enjoying it all the way.

luv gg