Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Holiday Party

We have attended a number of fun Christmas parties this year. Most recently Chad and I went to his station's holiday party. My parents watched Maggie so we could go and we had a blast. Food, friends, djs, dancing, gifts and awards all amount to a good time. Then on Monday Maggie and I went to her little play group holiday party. The moms went all out and had tables with crafts, snacks and cookie decorating. Santa and Mrs. Claus even took the time out to make an appearance. They read two Christmas stories to the kids and handed out bells and a personalized gift to each child. (The gift was a book each child's parent bought, wrapped, and gave to Santa before the party.) Maggie received Olivia from Santa this year but unfortunately she'll never know that. She loved hanging out near Santa, but when he called her name with her book she wanted nothing to do with him. She ran to me screaming. It was hilarious. I didn't get many photos from the party because we were too busy having fun. Sorry for the dumpy quality of these shots.

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Anonymous said...

What fun for Maggie (and mommy).

luv gg