Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Let's Go Bowling (Andy)

Last Wednesday Maggie and I met up with some friends from our moms group at a local bowling alley. Because the kids had never been bowling before, the alley staff put up bumpers in the lanes and provided a little rail/ramp contraption for the kids to push their bowling balls from. Everyone started without using the rail/ramp and simply pushed the ball from the end of the lane, but after we saw how long it took for the balls to roll to the end, we decided the rail/ramp was a better way to go. Maggie's team consisted of Maggie and three other friends but the entire group of kids totaled about 10. Maggie did a great job and enjoyed bowling with her friends. And, I must brag, Maggie was the youngest on her team and totally won the game! Yeah! (Next time I'm bringing my bowling ball and shoes. I totally wanted to play.)

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Loren said...

Way to go Mags! Time to get that girl her own ball & shoes?