Sunday, June 22, 2008


Here's where we spent our weekend. Friday afternoon we drove to Hume Lake in the Sequoia National Forest to a campsite we reserved near the lake. Immediately after we arrived we unloaded the car and set up the tent so we could explore for the rest of the afternoon and evening. Before dark we managed to walk around the entire lake and then make dinner at our camp. Saturday we fished for a good part of the day, sat at the lake and enjoyed the views, ate lunch at the snack bar, walked around the campgrounds and listened to a talk from a naturalist about birds. Sunday morning we fished some more before packing up our camp and heading off. On the way home we stopped by Grant's Grove to see the General Grant tree, the third largest tree in the world.

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mom said...

Wow, you walked around the entire lake? That's quite impressive. You said you fished, but did you catch anything?

Loren said...


Lyndsay said...

Yep, we did have fun this weekend. I've been planning the trip for a couple months now and it was worth the wait. Oh, and Mom, I caught a nice-sized rainbow trout. I just barely nabbed his lip so we let him go free.