Monday, August 11, 2008

Busy Weekend

Chad and I spent the weekend with my parents at Shaver Lake. Saturday after breakfast we headed to the lake where we rented a pontoon boat for the afternoon. We trolled for awhile and I actually caught a fish. I can't brag about my technique or my mad skills because really, I have no idea when it happened. We decided to take a break from fishing and he was hooked on my line when I reeled in. Surprise! The golden-green colored bass was small, I'd say only about 8-10 inches or so.
After a quick photo op we let him go.

Sunday we woke up early and fished at Huntington Lake. We didn't have much luck but the view was nice! After fishing we were off to the annual Loggers Jamboree back at Shaver Lake. We had lunch and watched a chainsaw and a handsaw competition. It was quite a sight. I'm glad we went.

3 Super Awesome Commenters Said:

Loren said...

Fun! And congrats on the fish, that's awesome. I bet the chainsaw & handsaw competitions were cool. Were they competing over speed or fancy cutting?

Lyndsay said...

The competitions were all based on speed. Most of them were based on cutting a chunk of wood from a log, but one was kind of cool. It was a little obstacle course where they had to jump over a few logs and cut some wood in between jumps. It was entertaining.

mom said...

Nice pics!