Monday, August 18, 2008

So last spring we planted a million carrot seeds in a small area of our garden. As soon as they started sprouting we read that you have to thin them out in order for the carrots to be healthy and grow. Thin them? No way! We want LOTS of big orange carrots. We're not going to thin them. So we didn't. And now they're popping up above the ground. There wasn't enough room for them to get big because each carrot had to fight for vacant space underground. Bummer.

Chad and I decided this weekend that we'd pick a group of them and cook them for dinner on Sunday night. And that's what we did. Instead of big juicy carrots we got juicy mini carrots. Cute, huh? They cooked really fast (yay!) and were tasty in our main dish.

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mom said...

That's quite a nice bunch and a lot bigger than the first ones we saw!

Lyndsay said...