Saturday, April 10, 2010

Busy Busy

Today was a busy day. While my mom stayed home and watched Maggie, Chad and I went with my dad to the first Radio Tradio swap meet, a little north of where we live. The event was super fun! Each of us parted with a little money, filling my dad's big truck with junk, collectibles and interesting finds. We'll be going again next year so if there's anyone who wants to meet up with us, let me know.

After a bit of shopping we went straight to watch the Mayor's Cup coed softball tournament. Of course the CBS47 team had our full support, ending their run with a third place win. Woohoo! Then, after a nice afternoon nap, Chad, Maggie and I had dinner with  friends before finishing the day with the most recent episode of Life on the Discovery Channel. I have a feeling we'll sleep good tonight.

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mom said...

I'd rather watch Maggie again next year, thanks!