Tuesday, April 27, 2010


It's funny how the term party changes when you have a child. Sunday we celebrated the birthdays of three of Maggie's friends. All boys and all sweet kids. Happy first birthday to Liam, fourth birthday to Ethan, and second birthday to Caden. We hope you enjoyed your special days. Thanks for letting us celebrate with you. Here is a photo from one of the parties. Without identifying where or who the babies are, at least you can see how cute and festive the group was!

And a big thank you to Katrina for sending me this photo.

3 Super Awesome Commenters Said:

mom said...

How cute! And so many babies so close in age!

Lois said...

and Maggie is so interested to see all the babies. Easy to tell which one she is.

Love, GG

donna said...

That is so cute! Look at all those adorable babies!