Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Derby Girl

For Maggie's 10-month birthday we took her to the roller derby. The bout was downtown and featured two teams with skilled skaters: The Atomic Assault (the local girls) and the Prison City Derby Dames. Chad and I have seen the Prison City girls from Chino Hills play here before. Maggie liked the derby and especially loved smiling at the people sitting in the bleachers with us. Because we weren't sure what the crowd was going to be like and because we wanted good seats, the three of us arrived early to the event. Above is a photo of us with the skaters warming up behind us and below is a photo of Chad and Maggie during halftime. When we left for home it was dark and just about Maggie's bedtime.

1 Super Awesome Commenters Said:

Kim Anderson said...

You guys always look like you're having a good time! And of course roller derby is awesome. Hugs to all--miss you guys.