Sunday, May 2, 2010

Party of Five

Let's just say Maggie hasn't been in the best mood lately. We couldn't figure out what was going on and why she was feeling grumpy and sensitive about every little thing. This afternoon the mystery was solved. Maggie rarely lets me feel her gums but today I was able to sneak in. When I did I instantly noticed something hard, in fact three hard things: new teeth. Ouch! Poor little thing. If I'd known about it I would have given her cold teethers and some teething tablets to help ease her pain. Ooops.  Let's hope that once these teeth fully pop through she'll be back to her old agreeable self.

We had a busy weekend with a Kentucky Derby party and a BBQ on Saturday and then a park birthday party for our little three year old neighbor today.

Here is how Maggie has felt lately:

And here is what we found, after a bit of tickling, this afternoon:

And here is how Maggie decided to pay back Chad after all that tickling and tooth feeling:

4 Super Awesome Commenters Said:

Loren said...

Glad the mystery is solved. It looks like maybe there's a 4th one getting ready to come through too -- right, center, in between two of the ones you pointed out with an arrow. Poor Chad, that girl has a tight grip!

mom said...

You get him Mags!

Anonymous said...

You 3 are really the "party animals". How great that you have so many good friends.

Keep those teeth coming, Maggie. Pretty soon you'll be eating steak.

luv u GG

Hendersons said...

Poor Maggie (and you and Chad...grumpy babies are no fun!) One trick we used with Skye and Landon when they were teething was to wet a washcloth and freeze it for a bit so it is slightly crunchy. Then they can chew on it and it really did help. Good luck because more teeth to come!!!