Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Peach Party

On Friday Maggie and I went to a peach party. It wasn't your regular everyday peach party though, it was for someone famous! OK, not hugely famous, but a local organic grape and peach farmer, author and regular columnist for the Fresno Bee. His name is David Mas Masumoto and my dad introduced me to his column a few years back. He's a great writer and to top that he seems to be a humble, hardworking, genuinely nice man.

The party was to celebrate a huge honor for his family and his farm: they were featured in the July 2010 issue of Martha Stewart Living. In a 10-page spread! Hello! I love peaches, organic fruit, parties, and Martha Stewart so of course we had the party on the calendar as soon as we heard about it.

Unfortunately in a rush to get there on time we left the house without my regular camera. Bummer!
Sadly Maggie and I had to cut out soon after the party started (pesky nap schedule!) but we were there long enough to get our copy of the magazine signed by the man of the day and to taste a sampling of his super sweet, juicy, healthy peaches.

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mom said...

So nice you were able to go to that local event to help celebrate his achievements~