Thursday, January 27, 2011


On Monday Maggie's little play group gathered at our friends' house for an art party. The toddlers (and me) made these little hearts. Maggie wasn't really into it and kept looking at me strangely when I ripped the little bits of construction paper. I don't think she wanted either of us get in trouble. Obviously, just like with presents at Christmas, learning which paper is acceptable to tear and which is not is going to take some time. She didn't like having messy glue on her fingers either, as you can see from her facial expression in the photo. I think she's still a bit young for arts and crafts but I plan to keep working on it and will try to patiently wait until she's ready. She did, as always, enjoy playing with her friends though and loved pointing at and telling me when she saw our friends' cat. Cat. Cat. CAT! Sorry, Maggie, we will not be getting a cat.

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Loren said...

She'll be a crafter before you know it.