Friday, January 21, 2011

Winter Swimming

Maggie and I went to Swim America this morning for a little play time in the pool. While outside it was cold, foggy and dreary, the pool we went to was indoors and heated so we were plenty warm. Maggie had a ball splashing around with the other 11 toddlers and played with the many floating toys they had for her to use. She held onto me a good part of the time because the center of the pool was 2.5 feet deep--just slightly too deep for her to stand and still be able to breathe. The edges were shorter and she could play on her own there, but of course I stayed near her to make sure she was safe.

Mags did forget a couple of the skills she learned from last summer's swimming lessons, so we'll need to work on those again. We can't be too hard on her though because she hasn't been swimming since August! A few moms in the group said that 18-24 months is a tough age for swimming, so we'll see if that holds true for Maggie.

Anyway, the above photo shows Maggie in one of her new swimsuits just before we got in the pool.

4 Super Awesome Commenters Said:

mom said...

She looks adorable and the swim diapers still fit underneath?

Lyndsay said...

No. Poor thing had to wear last summer's pair because it was required and we didn't have any disposable diapers handy. I will order a new pair before March.

mom said...

They were too tight?

Loren said...

Super cute suit!