Friday, January 20, 2012

Monarch butterflies

While we were at the coast we took a side trip to see the monarch butterflies. Since it's the time of year they migrate to the sound end of Pismo Beach, I really wanted to take Maggie so she could see them as I did many years ago. Chad and my parents had never been to the grove either so it was a first for most of the group. Anyway, I have to be honest: I was not impressed by the grove. While they've made many improvements (like fencing in the trees, adding paths, opening a gift shop, hosting lectures, etc.) the butterfly population itself was nothing to get excited about. Where there used to be huge blobs of butterfly clusters everywhere in the mid-late 90s, there were just a couple this time. And I remember butterflies swirling around like falling snow, and this time we saw just a few flutter here and there.  And at the risk of sounding old, I have to say it was a much neater experience way back then. Oh well! (Oh, and unrelated but funny, while there Maggie needed to find a good hiding spot so she could poop, and apparently this small cone/sign combo fit the bill.)

2 Super Awesome Commenters Said:

Loren said...

Declining monarch population is probably not a good sign for our planet. Glad Mags made good use of the visit though!

MomO said...

Mags is too funny!