Monday, January 30, 2012


A little over a week ago Maggie and I went to lunch with friends. Everything was great: the food, the company, the kids' behavior...and then it happened. Just before we were getting ready to leave two of Maggie's fingers got smashed inside a heavy industrial strength metal door. CRAP! She was immediately able to move and use them so we knew they weren't broken, but the skin on the underside was torn-the-heck-up. She didn't cry right away. She looked at me in shock. Then the tears came and she was super sad. I was sad for her. I ran as fast as I could but just couldn't get there fast enough to save her.

It's funny (just slightly) because Maggie is all about safety. She loves seat belts, helmets, etc., but for some reason her little fingers are completely fascinated by the cracks in doors. Maybe this incident will stop this fascination? We can only hope.

3 Super Awesome Commenters Said:

Anonymous said...

Poor Maggie - I wish I was there to kiss and make the fingers better.

This is the third comment I made and can't seem to get through.

Love you,

Loren said...

SO glad she's OK.

Lyndsay said...

Thank you! And gg, your comment did finally make it through.