Tuesday, January 19, 2010


The weather was beautiful this weekend so Chad decided to go for a walk with Maggie and me. Now that she's over 16 pounds he thought to bust out the Kelty hiking backpack he received for his birthday from my parents last year. We walked my usual 3-mile route with her on his back and she talked and smiled and looked out at the world the whole time. In other words, she loved it. Now we're ready for spring and summer when we can go up to the mountains and hike with her in tow.

(Yes, I know she's still in her jammies. It was that kind of day for her.)

3 Super Awesome Commenters Said:

mom said...

Loving her first "backpack trip," I bet she'll become a real outdoors gal!

Lyndsay said...

We hope so.

Loren said...

When's she hiking half dome?