Tuesday, July 13, 2010

80s Party

This past weekend went by in a flash. We had so many fun things going on and I'm just finally getting around to posting about them. Saturday night my mom came and babysat Maggie while Chad and I went to celebrate a friend's 30 birthday 80s-style. The house was decorated fantastically with vintage movie posters, old school video games, a Pac Man cupcake cake and tons of cool retro outfits. Here are a couple photos we shot with our camera.  You can see Chad went with vintage OP corduroy shorty-shorts, a Cobra Kai (Karate Kid) t-shirt and checkered Vans deck shoes. The second photo is me with our friends Kristin and Amy. Are we babes or what? Ha!

1 Super Awesome Commenters Said:

Loren said...

OMG, you all look awesome. Nice shorts Chad!