Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Last Saturday afternoon, Maggie, Chad and I went to Obon, a Festival of Lanterns. It was held at the local Buddhist Family Center and we had a really nice time. It was hot outside but they had a wonderfully powerful a/c unit inside that cooled the humongous gym and felt so so good.  Outside they set up carnival games and snow cones (of which we bought) and inside they had sushi, other Japanese food and info booths about various local Japanese and Buddhist organizations. Chad gave Maggie had her first taste of ice (thanks to the top of the snow cone) and you can see that she enjoyed it.  We had plans to go to the 80s party (see post below) or we would have stayed for dinner and the dance. Next year, for sure. At the calligraphy booth we had the artist write Maggie's name on a board to hang in her room. In the the photo you'll see the calligrapher, his assistant (holding Maggie) and towards the front of the photo is her name on the board. Neat!

3 Super Awesome Commenters Said:

mom said...

What a fun experience~

Loren said...

Yum, snowcones. Does Mags have blonde hair?

Lyndsay said...

It's a dirty blonde/light brown.