Thursday, July 22, 2010


Maggie has been a bit accident prone this week and to top it off, this is the same week she got a few vaccination shots. Her body's doing great. Ha!

This first accident was from the water park. Yes, the fun little water park we went to on Sunday. Maggie was crawling around enjoying herself in the water and it wasn't until we took a sno-cone break that Chad noticed the blood on her feet. Turns out that crawling on cement, even when wet, isn't a smart thing to let a baby do. So in reality, was it an accident or bad parenting? Let's go with accident.

The second injury happened yesterday. After coming in from the car I put Mags down on the bathroom floor so I could pee. She got mad at me (wanted to stay in my arms) and threw a little fit, smacking her mouth on the floor tile. When the blood finally stopped I was happy to find just a split lip and nothing more. But still...yuck. Her Boo Bunny came in handy for the first time and thankfully it did help ease her pain.

Hopefully for the rest of the week everyone will remain happy, healthy and accident-free.

4 Super Awesome Commenters Said:

Loren said...

Poor girl. She's all the more tough as a result now though.

Lyndsay said...

That's true. And you'd be amazed at how quickly they heal. It was much worse when she first got it and the scabs have gotten exponentially smaller. I wish I'd taken a photo when it first happened but I didn't think about it. The sores on her foot are smaller than those in the photo taken last night--thank goodness!

Anonymous said...

What mean parents you are! Every baby should be as lucky as Maggie.

love you, gg

mom said...

What a week! Sunday sore feet; Tuesday 3 shots; Wednesday split lip. Painful week for Mags~