Thursday, July 1, 2010

Weaver Lake

For the past five years Chad, my dad and their friend Mike go fishing at some point during the month of June. And they always go to Jennie Lake. It's a strenuous hike of nearly 11 miles round-trip. For the most part the lake is secluded so they can fish in peace, eat a sack lunch, and mentally prepare for the hike back down the mountain in the afternoon. There have been some years where they've encountered lots of snow on the trail and some years with very little. This year was one of the former and upon arrival they found that the only choice they had was to hike to a different spot. Weaver Lake is where they ended up going and, because of the amount of snow on the trails, Weaver became the landing spot for lots of other fishermen and campers too. 
Maybe they'll give Jennie another shot next year.

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mom said...

It was nice to see them come back not so exhausted and hurting this year!

Lyndsay said...